Advertisers Frequently Asked Questions is a PPC contextual advertising network. Which means you pay only when your text Ads or graphical banner Ads are clicked.

How Can I Advertiser with

Click on the top link of Advertisers Sign Up, and start creating your first Ad campaign, once you fund your account, your ad campaign will go live instanly.

How much advertising will cost me?

You are in full control of the cost. You are able to specify how much budget you would like spend in total, as will as how much you would spend on a daily basis and the amount that you are willing to pay per click.

Is there a minimum fee or time commitment?

After opening an advertiser account, you need to pay a minimum of $25, for any number of advertising campaigns you wish to launch. However, there is no minimum spending limit or time commitment.

Where will my Ads appear?

Your Ads will appear on the content websites within's network. Our system scans our publishers' content and places your Ads on pages that contain related content.

When will my Ads start being displayed?

Upon signing up an account with us, you can start creating your campaigns. The campaigns are instantly approved and will start showing on our network of publishers in minutes after creating them.

Why are my Ads not getting any impressions?

Your Ads campaigns are instantly approved and will start showing on our network of publishers within minutes after they are created. Please check the followings:

•  Make sure you have made a payment.

•  If you have made a payment, and still not getting impressions, then you should do either of the followings or both.

1- Create one more Ad campaign with different Ad Type than the one you currently having. Some Ad Types have much higher impressions than others. The Ad Types Photo Text and Text have higher number of impressions than other Ad Types.

2- Increase your bid amount, the higher the Maximum CPC Bid amount you have the more chances you have to get your Ads displayed.

•  Your Maximum CPC Bid is equal to or higher than other advertisers bidding under the same category. You can always get a hint by clicking on the link “View Recommended CPC”. Then you can bid with amount that is in the range or higher than the suggested one.

The link for “View Recommended CPC” does not show the current highest bid, but it does give you a suggestion for a bid range that will make your Ads start displaying. While the frequency in which your Ads are getting displayed will depended on how many Advertisers are bidding higher than you for the same Ad category.

Why are my Ads getting thousands of impressions but no clicks?

1- Rewrite your Ads make them more catchy.
2- Add images to your Ads.

How can I insure that my Ads get a high number of impressions?

1- Bid with highest possible amount in the Maximum CPC Bid amount.

Can I put Ads to my ClickBank ClickSure or to any other such affiliate networks?

Yes, and you can put any number of Ads you want.

Can I put my ClickBank affiliate link directly in the Ad or I must have a landing page?

Yes you can, you can put your affiliate link or the hop link directly in the Ad campaign in the Destination URL field.

What is the difference between Destination URL and Display URL?

The Display URL has no effect its just for display inside your Ad campaign, so you can put any URL there even a URL that does not exist like

However the Destination URL is the important, it is where you will be sending the visitors when they click your Ad.

How can I add keywords to my Ad Campaign?

You can not add keywords to your Ad camapaign manually any more, we have automated this process,
our system will pick words from your Text Ad and use them as keywords for your Ad campaign, while Banner Ads will run on channel without any spacific keywords.

Can I put Ads for adult websites or for a website with adult contents?

NO! All such Ads are automatically disabled.

How does prevent fraud? has its own cutting edge technology system, along with a human monitoring, analyze every click and impression to determine whether it is quality traffic or artificially generated. The system will automatically filter all invalid traffic and clicks in real time. You do not pay for any clicks that are determined to be fraudulent.

What if I still having questions?

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, you can email to ( admin (at) ) make sure to replace (at) with @

Also you can get in touch via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page in your member area. Please make sure to mention your customer number in your email, your customer number is located in the top right of your member area.

Make sure you will get an answer in less than 24 working hours.